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welcome to online passport slot booking consultancy please check the slot availability page to know the status ... "services available at "passport seva knedra" How to Set-Up Passport Appointment Date in DFA Follow this guide in setting up an appointment to process your passport and to schedule ... How to Set-Up Passport Appointment Date in DFA. ... time slot available!!! Frequently Asked Questions There are no available slots for passport appointment. ... Check your spam folder for emails if no message appears in your Inbox after a considerable amount of time.

If there are any interview dates available, they will be shown in dark blue on the calendar. If you see any dates in dark blue, click on that date, and you will see the available appointment slots below the calendar. Light blue dates are not clickable. Check the appointment time you would like and hit 'Continue.

How to Get a Philippine Passport - OFW HIRING GUIDE and ... How to Get a Philippine Passport. ... put a check mark on the box beside ... preferred date for your personal appearance and choose from available time slots ...

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DFA Passport Appointment schedule. Check the earliest available dates. Get this earlier from our Instagram account. #DFA #DFApassport... Procedure to get passports from PSK (Passport Seva Kendra)

17 Mar 2019 ... Slots are usually made available at these times, Mondays to .... Here, they will check your requirements and tell you the tentative date of release ...


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What’s wrong with the DFA’s Passport Appointment System ... Meanwhile, amid the intensified online furor over the DFA’s Passport appointment system, motoring journalist James Deakin posted a message sent to him via his Facebook page.