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Upgrade Material Gem Hammer Add a socket. This hammer adds a gem socket to a weapon. The number of Gem Hammers required to unlock a gem slot varies depending on the particular weapon, the slot being unlocked, and may increase as the weapon advances. Blade and Soul China: Inventory and Warehouse System Blade and Soul - Blade and Soul is an Asian martial-arts MMORPG in development by Lineage II development team, and the characters in this oriental style MMORPG are designed by the well-known illustrator HyungTae Kim. It is set in an oriental fantasy world and will use Unreal Engine 3. Why All MMO Fans Should Play Blade and Soul - Mandatory Blade and Soul is a big deal in Asia. Developed by NCSoft, the game has a massive following, with it being reported in early 2014 that the game had managed to achieve 1.5 million concurrent players in China. When you take into account that it took World of Warcraft 3 years to pull in 1 million players altogether in the region, it highlights just how popular this MMO is.

The next Blade & Soul content update releases in just a couple weeks. After unlocking the secret techniques of the Hongmoon Clan, ... Additional Character Slot With the addition of a new class to the game, the maximum number of character slots available will ...

What is the soul item slot? : bladeandsoul Please stick with content related to Blade & Soul Please use the search function before posting a question or request. Chances are someone has had your issue before. Be nice. ...

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The Daily Dash – Blade & Soul Support The Daily Dash is a way to get extra items by logging in. These items include Soulstones, Valor stones, Dragon Pouches, Unsealing Charms and more. Everyone will get a total of 2 spins per day, while Premium Members will get 3 spins per day. Blade&Soul Gaming - Tumblr bnsgaming:. Moon Child is a clan on Blade&Soul NA server Mushin.It is a Cerulean Order clan looking to create a small and comfortable community. I, clan master, do not wish to force anyone into an uncomfortable environment by having VOIP software as a requirement.

I used to create mods for the ARMA series now I spend my days making game play videos of Soul Fighter/Kung Fu Master in Blade & Soul. I do at least 2 live st...

Blade & Soul Founder's Packs are available, CBT this fall I am super hyped for Blade & Soul to finally be getting an English release, and if you like action Mmorpgs, you should be too. Soul slot? - Player to Player Support - Blade & Soul Forums Apr 18, 2016 · Im curious about the soul slot in the equipment slot. I was wondering..where can I find 'soul' to equip in blade and soul or is it not release yet? Blade and Soul | Free Additional Slot Voucher | New Patch Mar 03, 2016 · Blade and Soul | Free Additional Slot Voucher | New Patch Updated The Product: "NCSOFT NCoin 400 [Online Game Code]" Amazon US (Affiliate):

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Items - Official Blade & Soul Wiki Equipment [edit | edit source]. In Blade and Soul, Weapons, Soul Shields and Accessories are the main types of equipment. New weapons will be obtained as you progress through the story until the Ivorymoon Weapon is acquired, which will be upgraded and evolved through multiple stages by being offered either weapons or elements (obtained through the story, daily dash or transmuting). Blade & Soul